Teeth cleaning at home

Teeth cleaning at home

As house call hygienists, one of our common dental services is teeth cleaning at home. Our expert dental hygienists are always equipped with mobile dental units with all the necessary equipment to give homebound patients complete full teeth cleaning experience. 

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleansing sessions are an important part of preventive dental care routine. Although we adhere to daily oral hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing, it is natural to develop some layer of buildup on the tooth's surface.

Timely removal of such reminaents is crucial for patients who are especially homebound and require external aid to ensure dental hygiene. 

The consequences of leaving teeth untreated may cause or lead to the formation of unnoticed plaque and tartar. Apart from normal teeth cleaning, we also perform deep teeth cleaning for patients who have been experiencing severe dental decay.

We Take Care Of Those Restorations, Too

Whether our patients wear restorations or not, our house-call dental hygienists would provide them with an extensive oral examination to evaluate the health and structure of existing restorations. This is a mandatory step as unhealthy restorations can itself damage the health of natural teeth structures resulting in more dental complications.

What are the benefits of at-home teeth cleaning sessions?

Your at-home teeth cleaning sessions have several advantages:

  • Prompt medical attention
  • Timely removal of buildups ensures a healthier smile
  • Avoids the potential risks of moderate to major health conditions
  • Equal and easy access to dental care services 
  • Ensures dental treatment in a comfortable and relaxing environment
  • Improves overall dental health 

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