Soft tissue examination

Soft tissue examination

A routine oral exam is generally performed by the dentist during the patient's regular check-ups. An oral cancer exam is a dedicated dental examination conducted to identify, detect, and analyze risk of cancer growing cells in the oral and maxillofacial regions.

What is an intraoral soft tissue examination?

An intraoral soft tissue examination involves soft tissue examination of the tissues inside the mouth, throat, tongue, and gums.

The soft tissues of the patient's mouth are normally lined with a layer of mucosa that appears healthy (pink in color) and with a smooth texture. Changes in the morphology or texture of the mucosa is a sign of a pathological complication. Patients may begin to experience the same in the regions of the neck, face, and areas of the mouth such as tongue, gums, and lips.

What are the common oral pathological conditions of the?

Geographic Tongue

A common benign condition who cause is unknown. The most prominent sign and symptoms of this condition is the appearance of semicircular red or pink regions on the surface of the tongue.

Linea Alba

The appearance of white horizontal lines along the inside of the cheeks.

Benign Vascular Lesions

The appearance of red or purple areas inside the oral mucosa (mostly seen in older patients).

Treatment of Pathological Diseases

Oral cancer predominantly affects regions of the mouth, tongue, and neck. Before the onset of a treatment plan, the dentist would carry out biopsy samples to formulate the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

For treatment of less severe cases. the dentist would prescribe antibiotics, diluted Hydrogen Peroxide (kills and removes bacteria), etc.

Oral Cancer Screenings

An oral cancer screening is a recall check-up that uses laser lights to assess the soft tissue for any complications or indications of oral cancer. In case detected, biopsy samples would be taken to identify the risk of the cancer condition.

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