House call hygienist

House call hygienist

Our homebound patients need not worry about their untreated dental health as house call dentists are now not hard to find.

May H. Bosco, RDHAP is happy to introduce at-home dental care services for the homebound with a team of highly dedicated house call hygienists who are on the move to provide mobile dental care services.

Who is a house call hygienist?

House call dentists/hygienists are mobile dental professionals who are dedicated to providing dental services for the ailing and homebound at their private homes or institutions. By using advanced mobile dental technologies, patients can expect to receive their complete dental care right at their homes. Our skilled nurses are gentle to understand the needs of our patients and do everything in their capability to ensure the patients’'s dental needs are met with the right diagnosis and treatment.

What is the motive of house call dental hygienists?

Our motive is to ensure that we provide ultimate dental care services for patients who are physically incapable of reaching out for the same. The patients we attend to are either elderly, cognitively disabled, or medically challenged population who have no access to regular dental care services.

How to understand dental needs as patients age?

It is an increasing concern that many patients over the age of 70 could have the potential risk of a malfunctioning and unhealthy set of teeth that tend to go unnoticed. Dental conditions such as gum recession and dry mouth are common signs of failing dental health which would need immediate attention. Timely and routine dental services can ensure that our patients stay free from dental conditions such as periodontal disease and loss of teeth.

Quality at-home dental care services can now be received easily than you think. Contact May H. Bosco, RDHAP, today.


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